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The US gov has shut down, and no one knows what to do.

The Dems are blaming Trump, the Republicans are blaming the Dems, and Trump, well, Trump’s really not involving himself in the negotiations.

Two days after Republicans and Democrats failed to stopgap a short-term spending bill to keep the government open until February 16, recriminations between parties have intensified, and no sign of progress towards ending the impasse has been made.

What is a Government shutdown?

A Government shutdown is when Congress doesn’t approve a federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and nonessential functions of the gov. close until a bill is passed.
Why couldn’t they agree?
Because Republicans are resolute: no talks on DACA until Dems give them enough votes to reopen the government, and Dems will not reopen the government until the bill deals with DACA. See the problem?

It’s ironic because the two parties actually agree on most legislation. Just last week, Repubs and Dems came together and both signed off on a bipartisan deal for DACA. All they needed to avoid a government shutdown was Trump’s signature. But no, Trump, who was originally on board, talked through the deal with his White House buddies Kelly and Miller, and rejected the proposal during the now infamous “s***hole countries” meeting. Trump wanted funding for a wall and tighter security measures along the US border with Mexico or no deal. Undeniably, Dems thought that was annoying. But, they ended up agreeing on an additional funding plan for Trump’s wall, handed the budget back over to Trump, who still said “nope”. Why, you ask? To that, I have no answer. Without Trump’s go-ahead, nothing can pass. And the problem is, no one really knows what he wants.

Why can’t Dems just wait until after the Gov. is back open to discuss DACA?

Good question. Back in September, Trump signed off to end DACA this upcoming March (AKA, 700,000 people are planned to be deported in a little over a month). Luckily, no one wants that. But, the Dems are worried that by overlooking DACA in this bill they won’t get what they really want when dealing with them later. And, who knows if they’ll even strike a deal by the time masses will be forced to deport.

What happens during a shutdown?

A lot of people don’t get paid..

  1. Furlough: Thousands of federal employees are placed on furlough, meaning they don’t go to work, and don’t get paid, until Congress can agree on a budget plan. Basically, if you work for a “nonessential” government agency, you’re layed off until the gov’s back in business.

  2. Military: The military is considered essential and will still report for duty. However, the troops, including those in combat during this very moment, will not be paid. If the shutdown goes on for weeks, over 1 million active-duty military will be expected to work without pay. Same thing goes for border control agents.

What’s Trump Saying About All This?

Trump just is not helping. Bummed out he won’t be lounging in his Florida Mar-A-Lago resort this weekend because he’s required to stay in DC during the shutdown, Trump has added nothing productive to the situation except blame Dems, and call for the “nuclear option”…

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